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Public Speaking

Overcome your fear of Speech Making


Worried about giving a speech? No need to panic, help is at hand . . .

Best Man's Speeches - Wedding Speeches - Social Speaking - After Dinner Speeches - Toasts - Acceptance Speeches - Eulogies they're all fantastic things to do if you're confident and have a natural gift for doing them.

But if you have a fear of getting up and speaking in front of groups of people, which the vast majority of us do, giving any kind of speech can become an absolute nightmare.

Even if you've written a really great speech sometimes the merest thought of actually giving that speech can fill you with such dread it can hang over you like the proverbial sword of Damocles.

The most common fears go something like this - feeling very embarrassed, fear of making mistakes, going blank,  blushing, getting the shakes, worrying about what other guests are going to think of you, how well you're going to do on the day and of course the dread of all dreads - what about if you make a complete and utter fool of yourself!

A huge number of people find themselves in the 'unwilling speakers' situation but fortunately there is now a very great deal of help available.

'Confident Public Speaking' sessions are designed to help you overcome your wedding speech or social speaking nerves so that you can feel confident, relaxed and in control when you give your speech. And above all else you feel completely happy and satisfied with yourself and the speech or presentation you're giving!


* * * * * * *


How Many Sessions Will You Need?


Difficult to say as it will depend a very great deal on the type of speech you're going to give and how bad your fear of giving it is but as a general rule 2 - 4 sessions are normally enough although more are available if required.



What type of help is offered?


Confident Public Speaking sessions are specifically designed to help you take the worry out of giving your speech. They include help with calming nerves, confidence building, presentation skills, taking away inbuilt fears like 'it's all going to go wrong' and getting rid of feelings of self doubt. 


All of which help you to give your speech in a more relaxed and confident way leaving you free to enjoy your day.



Are the sessions One on One?

Yes, sessions are 'one on one' offering the added advantage of being more personalised to your particular needs.


Is Hypnosis used?


Not always but Hypnosis is a great aid to success and is always available to help reinforce techniques as and when required.



                                      * * * * * * *


Business Presentations

Most key business management and team leadership roles depend on your skills as a good leader, communicator, negotiator and motivator. Having accomplished presentation skills gives you that all important 'edge' ensuring the smooth running of your 'team' whilst enhancing your own career prospects.

Business presentations are obviously very different to 'one -off' social speaking situations as they tend to be 'ongoing' and varied in such things as purpose, audience, location and degree of formality.

Whereas your average wedding guest may well be very supportive about your speech, important business clients or demanding bosses can be far less forgiving. Poor business presentations are bad news - pure and simple.

'Better Presentation Skills' help you with all aspects of your presentation that you feel you need to improve. But they specifically include dealing with pre presentation and during presentation nerves - coping with unexpected interruptions, questions or unfavourable audience reactions - audience/personnel hostility - overcoming 'blank mind' stress (mouth is willing but mind has 'encountered a problem' and shut down!) and confident presenting within your own 'comfort zone'

See also Personal Mentoring 


My Hypnotherapy practice


To discover the benefits of Hypnotherapy for yourself call me on Peterborough (01733) 261349 for more information or to arrange a free initial consultation or appointment. Robert Griffin Hypnotherapy is located on the outskirts of Peterborough near the Fitzwilliam Hospital.


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