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Quit Smoking

Hypnotherapy: You CAN  Become a Non-Smoker




So you've decided to Quit Smoking, that's great! and congratulations for taking the first positive decision to become a non-smoker!


Maybe you want to enjoy a healthier life, live longer, have more energy, look younger or improve your sex life - whatever your reasons are for giving up the 'dreaded weed', the powerful techniques used in 'Quit Smoking' sessions can help vastly improve your Motivation and Willpower and help you to become - and stay - a non smoker.


We all know that giving up smoking, just like any other habit, can be difficult sometimes and that's often because we don't choose enough of the right kind of benefits that really motivate us - some will be long term benefits and some will be the benefits that we can have right now - long term benefits with a real WOW! factor obviously include -

  • Living Longer - Less chance of Lung Cancer, Heart Disease, Chronic Bronchitis, plus longer life expectancy

  • Looking Younger - prevent premature ageing effect of smoking and stay looking younger for longer

  • Less Stress - After quitting completely former smokers are able to relax more naturally

  • Better Sex Life - Improved blood flow can give stronger erections and improve orgasms

  • Fresher breath - fresher breath, whiter teeth and less chance of gum disease

  • More Energy - better circulation and activity becomes less tiring

  • Improved sense of smell and taste - means you can enjoy life much more

  • Better Breathing - increased lung capacity

  • Healthier Family - Quitting Smoking means you are putting a stop to the 'Passive Smoking' you currently subject your loved ones and friends to.

Of course you might say that having all of those benefits should give you more than enough motivation to quit smoking right away once and for all - but it's also nice to have even more benefits, the sort that you can feel pretty much straight away - 

  • Pride - your immense sense of pride for being a non-smoker

  • Satisfaction - the overwhelming feelings of self satisfaction you get knowing that you're a non-smoker

  • Admiration - the admiration you get from your family and friends because you're a non-smoker

  • Confidence - and the confidence that YOU can become a non-smoker and feel very proud of yourself into the bargain!

O.k. now check for yourself all of the wonderful benefits listed above, which ones would YOU most enjoy having? If you were to quit smoking right now how many of those benefits could YOU be enjoying? If you were to quit smoking right now how much happier and healthier would YOU be? If YOU were to quit smoking right now how much happier and healthier would YOU be? yes, I know I've said it twice - but if you're serious about becoming a non smoker now is the time to really start thinking about it seriously. If you were to quit smoking right now how much happier and healthier would YOUR loved ones and friends be?


Are YOU motivated yet? No? maybe you've still not reached the point where you've completely made up your mind to quit. Yes? great and congratulations, you're ready to take the next step. Just call (01733) 261349 to make an appointment.



Frequently Asked Questions


What actually happens in Quit Smoking Therapy? A two session treatment is used, the first session is normally a 90 minute session to allow extra time for information gathering, and the second session is approximately 55mins.


In the first session we find your strengths (we don't need your weaknesses for this!!) find and get rid of any self limiting beliefs and at the same time double check your motivation to succeed. We also find and address any other negative thinking that you believe may stop you from quitting smoking.


O.k. this might all sound like serious 'white coat' therapy, but relax it isn't really. Think of me as your 'coach', we have a good few laughs along the way BUT don't forget we're here to achieve a serious goal - YOUR SERIOUS GOAL of becoming a non-smoker!


So after the laughs are over we have to get down to the serious business of giving up the 'dreaded weed' - this is the part where you need total commitment, purpose and a strong desire to quit smoking. The powerful combination of Hypnotherapy coupled with auto suggestion provides the perfect platform to help give you that vital extra boost to vastly improve both your Motivation and your Determination to succeed.



How much does it cost? The cost, or put it a much better way, the investment, for quit Smoking therapy is just 185, which is paid in cash only at the start of the first session With many cigarettes costing over 10 per pack, many smokers are spending well over 2000 per year. Just think - how much will you save when you quit? and what exciting and interesting things could YOU be enjoying with all the money you've saved!


Why do you pay cash only before therapy starts? Think about it, a large part of giving up any unwanted habit depends on YOUR commitment. Putting your hard earned cash on the line in this way proves YOUR commitment to YOURSELF and YOUR commitment to YOUR future well being and enjoyment of life. It also gives you added focus and improves your incentive to quit.


Does Hypnotherapy do it all for Me? No therapy can do it all for you without your own input. Hypnotherapy is an incredibly powerful tool to help you make real and lasting change, it has an enviable success rate, but you do have to help yourself too by having a strong desire to quit smoking.


Is a Free C.D. included? Yes, a quit smoking C.D. is included for you to use at home to further enhance your therapy experience.


What about if it doesn't work for Me? The answer to this is very simple - if you're already thinking about it not working you're already thinking about failure - why are you thinking about failure? are you not committed to success? are you not convinced yet that you really want to be a non-smoker? The key to Success is to think Success and think only about SUCCESS!


If you ARE ready to only think of Success what better time could there be to make an appointment and get started on your way to become a non-smoker.



The Quit Smoking Therapy at Robert Griffin Hypnotherapy uses a powerful combination of well tried and tested Positive Motivation Techniques coupled with Hypnosis to help provide you with that extra willpower and determination you need to help see you all the way through to your desired goal of becoming a non-smoker.


Positive Motivation Techniques provide a highly successful way of helping you to optimise the vital quit smoking tools of increased Willpower, Motivation and Determination. 


Booking your first session of Quit Smoking therapy couldn't be easier simply call me on Peterborough (01733) 261349


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Robert Griffin Hypnotherapy is located on the outskirts of Peterborough near the Fitzwilliam Hospital.


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