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Hypnotherapy: F.A.Q.s

Frequently Asked Questions



What is Hypnosis like?

Perhaps the best way of describing Hypnosis is that it is like a very pleasant form of extremely deep relaxation.


Do I lose complete control?

No, absolutely not. In fact, although you are in a state of very deep relaxation, you remain in control throughout hypnosis.


Do you just use Hypnosis?

No, not at all. I use a combination of therapy, NLP techniques and hypnosis.


If I don't want Hypnosis can you still help me?

Yes, most certainly. Hypnosis is only one part of the therapy I provide. If you choose to have therapy without hypnosis that's perfectly o.k.


Can I stop Hypnosis if I feel uncomfortable?

Absolutely. I fully accept that not everyone is comfortable with hypnosis. So please be assured that if you want to stop a hypnosis session at any time, and for any reason, you are perfectly welcome to do so. No professional hypnotherapist, myself included, would attempt to hypnotise you against your will or if you felt uncomfortable with hypnosis.


How many sessions will I need?

It really does depend on what we're treating and what is necessary to give you the best help for the particular issues you are seeking help for. However, as a guide, many clients find they get all the help they need from only 2 or 3 sessions, others might come for more if needed. But it's hoped that you'll get valuable and positive improvement with each session you attend, no matter how many sessions you come for.


Do I have to commit myself to a set number of sessions?

No, absolutely not. You are totally free to choose the number of sessions you attend.


Do I have to have sessions every week?

No, not at all. Some clients come weekly but others space their sessions out according to their personal circumstances.


Do you offer a free initial consultation?

Yes, you are welcome to come for a free initial consultation. This is an informal session giving you the opportunity to ask any questions you might have about therapy. Initial sessions usually last approximately 40 minutes.


If I choose to stop therapy can I start again later?

Yes, of course. You are always welcome to return at any time if you feel the need for a top up session.


Do I need a doctors referral?

No. Although I do, of course, accept doctors referrals but it is not essential. You are welcome to make appointments for yourself directly by calling me on Peterborough (01733) 261349


Can I bring a partner to appointments?

Partners or friends are welcome to attend initial consultations with you. However all other sessions are on a one to one basis.


Can I pay by credit card or paypal?

Yes you are welcome to pay by credit card or paypal. However you need to pay via the link on this website as I don't have facilities to accept cards in actual sessions.


Do you have off road parking?

Yes, there is ample off road parking for you.



My Hypnotherapy practice


To discover the benefits of Hypnotherapy for yourself call me on Peterborough (01733) 261349 for more information or to arrange a free initial consultation or appointment. Robert Griffin Hypnotherapy is located on the outskirts of Peterborough near the Fitzwilliam Hospital.


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