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Personal Mentoring & Coaching

Management, Business Owners, Team Leaders


Being in management or running your own business can be very satisfying but it can also be a very lonely place to be. Sometimes no matter how successful we are, or ironically often because of our success, we can all reach a point where frustrations or barriers are preventing us moving forward.

That's where Personal Mentoring comes in. Whether you're just looking for a 'sounding board', to let off steam, improve your management skills or reduce your management stress levels Personal Mentoring provides an ideal solution, in fact that's exactly what it was created for.


The Benefits for You

Personal Mentoring, as the name suggests, has the major benefit of being personalised solely for you and the changes you are trying to achieve. It is not simply another version of corporate or executive mentoring which often lacks individuality. The power of Personal Mentoring comes from utilising your strengths and your weaknesses and blending them with, practical, straightforward Mentoring strategies to help you reach your desired goals -          

               ■   maximise your presentation or business meeting skills

               ■   dealing with new challenges - staying focused and in control when faced with

                    increased responsibilities             

               ■   a sounding board for your ideas or to help overcome confidence or negativity issues

               ■   optimise your motivation, decision making or enhance your self belief              

               ■   reduce your management stress levels

               ■   enhance your communication skills with clients, staff, senior personnel

               ■   improve your core management skills - delegation, staff motivation, time management

               ■   resolving staff conflict issues  - diffuse personal confrontations, improve working relationships 



Where is Personal Mentoring most effective?

A personal Mentor is perhaps best described as an informed advisor, guide or coach who provides a professional listening ear, a sounding board for your aspirations, helps you see things from different perspectives, helps with motivation and provides sound structuring for personal change.

Personal mentoring offers professional help for those times when you feel the need to 'improve your game'. Perhaps you're facing new challenges or responsibilities but feel you're lacking the right levels of effectiveness and would like to find ways of increasing your personal input. Maybe you'd like to deal more effectively with colleague or team conflict issues or overcome a negative mental block that's preventing you from moving forward. Maybe it's a question of reducing your Managerial Stress levels.

A combination of your commitment and the effective tools of Personal Mentoring enable you to make significant and positive steps towards achieving your aims.


Personal Mentoring - remove the barriers to your success            

All Personal Mentoring sessions are 'one on one' and take place in a comfortable, relaxed setting at 'The Siskins', Goodwood Road, Peterborough, situated on the outskirts of Peterborough near the Fitzwilliam Hospital. Sessions are 55 and are 55mins duration. In addition to my daytime appointments, evening and Saturday morning sessions are also available.

Payment can be made by cheque or cash or you can pay by credit card however please note that I can only accept credit card payments online see appointments and fees


Is Personal Mentoring right for you?


If you're ready to start your Personal Mentoring sessions simply call me, Robert Griffin, on Peterborough (01733) 261349 to arrange an appointment. Or alternatively book a free initial consultation if you'd like more information.


* Please note that Personal Mentoring is not therapy or counselling and it does not involve the use of Hypnosis *





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