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Hypnotherapy for Premature Ejaculation, Erection Difficulties, Sexual Problems:


Sexual Problems


Many men suffer premature ejaculation and erection problems in silence because they can find it difficult to discuss their problems with someone else. This unfortunately means that many men suffer unnecessarily when they could so easily get effective help.


It's common for men with erection or premature ejaculation difficulties to develop irrational fears and worries about sex. Often they will make excuses to avoid sex such as being too tired or not in the mood.


Regrettably this can create added stress within the relationship especially if the partner is unaware of the real problems. A partner may feel that the problem lays with them or that the sufferers feelings have changed towards them. This can lead to misunderstandings, hurt feelings and arguments.


Erection Problems


When a man has erection difficulties it usually means that he either cannot get a firm enough erection to achieve satisfactory penetration or that he loses his erection during intercourse.


Frustratingly many sufferers can achieve strong erections during masturbation but lose them when attempting full sex with their partners. This can and does often lead to further misunderstandings in relationships.


The inability to get or sustain an erection can be a truly devastating experience for a man and may leave him with feelings of failure or that 'he is not a man'. These feelings can fuel his inability to get erections and a kind of 'catch twenty two' situation can occur. Because the man fears he won't get an erection, this fear alone can actually prevent him from getting one, and so the cycle begins.


Premature Ejaculation


Premature Ejaculation - or coming too quickly - is an extremely common condition especially in men under 40 years of age.


Ejaculating too quickly occasionally is not really a problem, most men have had this happen to them at some time. However if it becomes a regular event then it can become a major worry and many men feel under great pressure and stress when it happens to them.


As with erection problems, many men who suffer premature ejaculation when having sex with their partners are able to control their ejaculation during masturbation.


Premature ejaculation often begins when we have a new sexual partner but it can also occur with long term partners as well.


Hypnotherapy for

Erection Problems and Premature Ejaculation


Suffering from erection or premature ejaculation problems can be very upsetting but let me say straight away that there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about if you suffer with these difficulties.


They are extremely common, literally thousands of men suffer from one or the other of these problems at some point in their lives. So don't allow yourself to worry unnecessarily, particularly with such nonsense as 'not being a man' whatever that might be.


Causes of erection and premature ejaculation problems vary. In some cases they are physiological, in other words physical in nature, in other cases they are psychological.


For physiological problems you should see your G.P. and he or she will recommend an appropriate treatment for you.


However some of the most common causes of erection and premature ejaculation problems are anxiety, stress and having irrational fears about sex or sexual prowess and are more psychologically orientated. These conditions respond exceptionally well to Hypnotherapeutic techniques.


I fully appreciate how uncomfortable some men can feel when discussing issues abut sexual performance. Having been in practice since 1994 I am very used to dealing with such issues and I can assure you I will do my utmost to put you at ease to reduce any embarrassment to the absolute minimum.


I offer you an empathetic, professional approach, governed by a strict code of ethics to ensure your complete confidentiality.




My Hypnotherapy practice


To discover the benefits of Hypnotherapy for yourself call me on Peterborough (01733) 261349 for more information or to arrange a free initial consultation or appointment. Robert Griffin Hypnotherapy is located on the outskirts of Peterborough near the Fitzwilliam Hospital.

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