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Weight Loss

Hypnotherapy: Healthy Weight Loss

Whatever your reasons are for wanting to lose weight - Healthy Weight Loss Sessions can help you.


Maybe you want to feel healthier, have more energy, feel more comfortable, be more relaxed about yourself or increase your self esteem - whatever your reasons are for losing weight Healthy Weight Loss sessions are there to help you.


Helps you to control -

                                 * Cravings

                                 * Comfort eating

                                 * Bingeing

                                 * Eating too much

Boosts your -

                           * Motivation

                           * Willpower

                           * Determination


Everyone who has ever tried any kind of dieting plan knows only too well that the most difficult part of any diet is sticking at it for long enough to achieve your desired weight - in other words having enough motivation, willpower and determination to achieve successful weight loss.


The Healthy Weight Loss sessions at Robert Griffin Hypnotherapy use a powerful combination of well tried and tested Positive Motivation Techniques coupled with Hypnosis to help provide you with that extra willpower and determination you need to help see you all the way through to your desired weight loss.


Positive Motivation Techniques help you to overcome the weight loss problems that we all find difficult to control such as temptation, comfort eating, cravings, bingeing, 'eating the whole packet instead of just a couple!' or simply eating the things you know are not good for you. They also give you considerable and valuable help with increasing your motivation and your confidence.


Using powerful, relaxing Hypnosis to reinforce your Positive Motivation Techniques you can greatly improve your chances of achieving your weight loss goals.


The standard Healthy Weight Loss programme is just 4 sessions and a FREE Healthy Weight Loss C.D. is also included to compliment the programme even further, allowing you to calmly and positively ease yourself toward 'That New Slimmer You!'


Sound Good? looking for a really enjoyable, successful way of losing weight? why not call (01733) 261349 today for Your Free Initial Consultation and get started right away!






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Successful Weight Loss for You


If you've ever lost weight by conventional dieting only to then put it all back on again you'll know only too well how frustrating it can be. The fact is that healthy weight loss is not simply about eating less food or doing more exercise. If it really were that simple none of us would have any weight issues in the first place.


The real reasons for weight gain are varied but most commonly the underlying reasons are things like comfort eating, unhealthy eating habits or over-indulgence dependency - none of which are helped, long term, by conventional dieting alone.


But by using the proven, successful techniques of Hypnotherapy you can achieve real weight loss. You can enjoy the satisfaction of being 'the slimmer you' without having to go through a strictly calorie controlled dieting regime.



Stopping those awful Cravings!


Successful and Healthy Weight Loss is about addressing the important underlying issues first - like temptation and your need to comfort eat, or binge eat, in the first place. By doing this you greatly reduce your need for all those extra treats, comfort foods or extra helpings because they are no longer essential to you. Which means you no longer have those horrible cravings for them - does that sound good?


Simply taking away your cravings alone is a major step in you achieving satisfying weight loss, but I'm sure you don't need me to tell you that! But of course weight loss by Hypnotherapy offers you much more than that.


Most people coming to see me for help with weight loss have also wanted to improve their self control and to be able to avoid the triggers that make them think about - and eat - food even more often.



Start 'The New Slimmer You' today . .


The Healthy Weight Loss sessions used at Robert Griffin Hypnotherapy include Positive Motivation Techniques coupled with relaxing Hypnosis to give you the very best help in achieving real weight loss. They are designed to help you deal with all aspects of self control and motivation and also to help you to increase your determination to succeed, achieving the new 'Slimmer you'.


Do you have to diet at all? Well not exactly - but lets be sensible here if you really want to lose weight you'll obviously need to be determined to cut down on the overeating and bingeing! And of course you'll need to really want to lose weight - that's all.


How many sessions? -  As mentioned earlier the standard Healthy Weight Loss programme is just 4 sessions and a FREE Healthy Weight Loss C.D. is also included to compliment the programme even further and to calmly and positively ease you toward becoming 'That New Slimmer You!'.



To discover the benefits of Hypnotherapy for yourself call me on Peterborough (01733) 261349 for more information or to arrange a Free Initial Consultation or Appointment. Robert Griffin Hypnotherapy is located on the outskirts of Peterborough near the Fitzwilliam Hospital.


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